Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Blackboard paint

We decided that it'd be cool to paint our cellar door so it was a blackboard... blackboard paint is the messiest stuff in the whole world!! It gets absolutley everywhere and is BLACK so super obvious! I've just spent the last 30 mins clearing up the kitchen and myself - I even had black smears on my face - glad I caught that before I go to the Christain freshers BBq later!

Went to boots yesterday to get photos printed for the study and a) didn't notice they had instant photo booths so had to wait around for an hour and b) ordered the wrong size so the whole exercise was pointless!

Off to do maths planning now...

Saturday, 19 September 2009

New term

So back to school 2 weeks ago: new kids (who are lovely) and new kitchen (that we spent all summer putting in!)

Last post was about the cake for Kays wedding. I've now been asked to do one for Lois and Andrew's wedding so thats really exciting.

Beth and Kate - despite having moved to Manc in May(?) are now moving to Sheffield around Christmas. Yay!! Even closer to me :-D

Monday, 27 April 2009

B moving house, K getting married!

Beth moved back to Manchester this weekend. Its a really nice flat - more room than the last one and much better looked after. Its gonna be so nice to have her so close as well - Brighton was a million miles away.

I took my final trial run cake to hers and it went down very well even though we had to cut it with a fork as all the knives were packed!

Looking forward to the wedding - got a new outfit, Liz is coming down, its gonna be great. But I am still a little worried about the cake - I know it can be better than any of the versions I've made so far - although it is pretty amazing! I just hope Fridays version is the best yet :-D

BTW the cake comes from the best cake website in the world The showstopping cakes calendar

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Long time No Blog

Hmmm. I came to this with such good intentions and then I find almost a year has gone by and nothing!

Most of my computer time is spent on facebook or my new favourite website Organised Christmas at the moment, although I do very little that the website suggests.

I love Christmas in all forms - websites, christmas lights, already planning what fun activities I can do with the kids in the last week of term! We made pictures using co ordinates and I'm definatley getting that out again for Xmas - possibly with a Xmassy theme though :-)

Nearly time for Christmas lights - Yay!

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Frustrating school

Just as the title says really. And its not the kids for once! We've got lots of exciting new ideas being put in place but all a large number of my collegues can do is whinge and complain that it'll be extra work. So it probably means that some of the exciting things: project work, revitalising the blocking system, won't happen and the others: new behaviour system, exciting changes to golden time system, will be done badly! Plus I'm tied down to doing the same as my year partner which seems a very silly way of working to me. It stifles creativity - even my displays are supposed to look the same - they don't though!!

Grrrrr. People can be so annoying

Monday, 31 March 2008

This weeks films

As it half term we went for an epic cinema day. This is what we saw:

Vaguely disapointed in this one I'd been quite looking forward to it from the adverts. The effects were good and the premise but the story didn't really happen. It felt like an introduction to a film maybe a sequel would be better.

The Spiderwick chronicles
Good effects and CGI. Freddie Highmore from About A Boy was in it playing both twins which he did very well. The rest of the acting wasn't bad either. I'd be interested to know how it compares to the books so might have to get a copy :-)

The other Boleyn girl
Excellent film well worth seeing. Although the end was know I did keep wanting it to change and was surprised by a lot in the film. Not sure how much was truth but still very enjoyable.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

42nd street

Wen to see Dad in 42nd street last night. It was excellent - the dancing was fantastic, the band played really, really well. Dad was his usual over the top character role - everyone laughed alot and all the cast seem to love him too :-D

After show party to follow. Was a bit worried about feeling 14 and not knowing anyone when Johnny said he wasn't going to go but they had a piano and lots of music theatre books - so I fitted right in. Lots of people were very nice about my voice - I'd really like to get back into MT its so much fun singing that stuff. not that I don't love the shouty choral stuff :-)

They'd roped in one of the rehearsal pianists, Peter Dew, to play a guy that used to play for us when I was in youth group. He played all night, missed the food and I don't think even got a drink but he kept us happy :-) Its quite funny when you meet someone again who felt like such a grown up when you knew them at 14 and now they're pretty much your own age!!